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 A goodbye message to all 1963 BHS alumni and friends


The BHS63.com and bentleyhighschool1963.com web addresses will be permanently off line starting March 2019.  This is the main website of the BHS class of 1963 and has been up and running continually since February 2008.  Due to other methods of communicating and cost constraints the 55th Reunion Committee felt it best to shut down the site when our domaine names expire in March of 2019. 

If you want your contact information added to or updated on the Located Page then send it to me and I’ll update the list. Until early March 2019 classmates can view this information then to reach out to you if they those to do so. 

I hope you have found this website useful and interesting during the last 11 years.  I have tried to keep it basic and easy to read considering the varied computer skills of all users.  All pages will be archived before deleting the data on the web server and going off line. 

Best of health to all and God bless everyone with his grace. 

Tom Parmenter,   webmaster BHS websites

     tomparme @ gmail. com   (omit all spaces in my email address)

The Located, Deceased and Missing Classmates pages were updated December 21, 2018.   Email addresses for some classmates are on the Located Classmates page. Please stay in touch so we can keep you informed about the next class of 1963 event.



NOTE: The SITE ADMIN LOGIN  option on the left side of each page is only for administration use.  This website is not set up for viewers to input information.    To make contact with other classmates look at the LOCATED CLASSMATES page or at the  50th REUNION or  45th REUNION pages for contact information.